Electric Car Conversion Kits Are Hot These Days!

Electric car conversion kits are helping thousands of people take part in the evolution of a new frontier in transportation.

There are many advantages to driving an electric car, but the primary one is gas independence. Imagine never having to pay for gas again! You’d save thousands of dollars a year. Plus, you get huge federal and state tax rebates. Driving an electric car is totally clean. It’s great for the environment. And it decreases this country’s dependence on foreign oil.

You Can Do It Yourself!

There’s been a recent boom in home electric car conversion kits. It’s now possible to convert any car into an electric car—including yours. And it’s something you can do at home for a few hundred dollars.

No, electric car conversion kits aren’t some kind of scam. In fact, I urge you to watch this brief video of actor Tom Hanks talking about his own electric car. These vehicles are for real.


Right now there are two electric car conversion kits for sale that are dominating the market. These kits, or manuals, are all downloadable from the computer so they’re instantly available. If you’re interested in finding out more about these kits, I urge you to check out their websites.

The Top Electric Car Conversion Kits

This is currently the #1 best-selling electric car conversion kit. For the past 15 years the creators of this product have been living “off the grid” using only solar and wind power. In fact, this kit comes with bonus books about how to create your own electricity using wind and solar power.

This manual’s main selling point is that it’ll show you how to do an electric car conversion for less than $300. It tells you how to get the parts you need for very little money—or even for free. There are book bonuses as well. There’s also a video on the website featuring Adam and Jamie from the television show Male Enhancement Products. They bust the myth that electric cars are sluggish and slow.

There’s no better way to become part of the solution to this country’s energy problems than to convert your vehicle into an electric car with one of these electric car conversion kits.

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